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Since the start of Circuit and Krachttraining Middelburg (in the Netherlands) we used a stopwatch function or the convenient PocketWOD app on our phones or tablets to time workouts like AMRAP’s, EMOM’s and other interval style workouts.
The con’s of these type of timers were the small displays that weren’t visible from every spot in the Box. Besides this the volume on the small devices was limited.
Clearly there was a need for a better Crossfit Timer that was more visible and hearable for all the athlete’s during training.



Comparing CrossFit Timers

Because we frequently order gear from Rogue this seemed like a no-brainer, but we often see other timers when we visit other boxes. This was the reason to compare some different timers.
We found the following ones:


Product Price     Warranty Shipping Other
 Rogue Echo Timer $269,00 90 days  3 ships free Cord length 50″
 Large crossfit 4Inch Double Color LED Interval Timer $158,00 unknown  $ 0,00  –
 Crossmaxx 4 Digit Timer €148,72 unknown  € 0,00 Cord length 43″, only 4 digits
 Crossmaxx Interval Timer 6-Digit €198,30 unknown  € 0,00  –



Needs in a Crossfit Timer

Punten die voor ons belangrijk waren:

  • Completeness of timer programs
  • Visibility and volume
  • Warranty
  • Quality


The ALI Express timer had a great price but could have been risky in terms of sending it back in case of warranty.
The 4 digit timer only had 4 digits, the additional 2 digits in other timers come in quite handy. They, for example, show you in which round you are.
Eventually the choice was between the Crossmax interval timer and the Rogue Echo Timer. Both were around the same price, so we made the choice for the Rogue Echo Timer because in our experience this is a reliable brand that offers great quality.



Rogue Echo Timer unboxing

The box of the Rogue Echo timer contains the following items:

  • Rogue Echo Timer
  • Adapter – input: AC100-240V / output: 12V
  • Remote control
  • 2 AAA batteries
  • Manual (English)



Rogue echo timer box

Rogue echo timer Crossfit

Rogue echo timer remote

Rogue echo timer adapter

Rogue echo timer back


Rogue Echo Timer unboxing video




Rogue Echo Timer specs


Color  Black
Length  25.25″ / 64,13 cm
Width  2″ / 5,08 cm
Height  7.75″ / 19,69 cm
Cord length  50″ / 127,00 cm
Adapter  Input: AC100-240V / Output: 12V
Adapter other  American plug
Height LED digits  4″ / 10,16 cm
Programs  Tabatha, Interval, ‘Fight gone bad’, stopwatch
Mounting system  Holes in the back. Distance between holes: 16.5″ / 42,00 cm



Rogue Echo Timer for CrossFit review 

Our box has a total surface of 204 square meters where we hang the timer in a central position.


Display and visibility

The timer is visible from every spot in the box, due to the glass-like display and our high windows, sunlight might reflect a little. Thanks to the 5 different levels of brightness, this issue can be easily resolved.


Speaker and volume

The timer has a small internal speaker on the right side. The speaker is only used in the ‘3-2-1-go’ mark in the 10-second countdown or the announcement of the next round in an interval or Tabata workout.
The volume of the beeps is not adjustable and for itself not very loud. For our box (204 square meters) it’s sufficient enough, you can hear the beeps over loud music.
Making the volume adjustable would be a nice upgrade, especially for larger surfaces/boxes than ours.



The timer has a couple of pre-programmed functions that can be selected with the remote control (only). Find a review of the programs underneath:

  • Count-up timer – The timer starts at 00:00 and counts up from the start
  • Countdown timer – The timer starts at the time you set and counts down till 00:00. Ideal for AMRAPs.
  • Interval timer – An adjustable interval timer. You can create and save up to 10 custom intervals. Intervals can be various, so you can even create a custom Tabata interval. Intervals can be set as ‘count-up’ or as ‘count-down’
  • Tabata timer – 8 rounds of 20 seconds + 10 seconds
  • ‘Fight gone bad’ timer – A timer that work according to the ‘fight gone bad’ principle
  • Clock function – Works like a regular digital clock. It can be sat as a 12 or 24 hours clock. When the timer is turned off, the clock goes off automatically. The timer has a ‘memory’ so the time and custom programs are being remembered when the power is off the timer
  • Countdown modus – When turned on, every program gets a 10-second countdown. Only the 3, 2, 1, go will give a beep


Summary – The ideal CrossFit timer?

The Rogue timer is robust and of great building quality. It lives up to expectations for the small to average box. For larger boxes the volume might be on the low side, especially when you compare it to the  Crossmaxx Interval Timer 6-Digit.

With a price of $ 269 the Rogue Echo Crossfit timer is the ideal timer for the small to average box.


Rogue echo timer review banner US



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